• thepoeticprophet 11w


    Everything is meaningless, chasing after the wind
    I know my will is to do the Lord's work, but where do I begin
    I looked and knocked, and he answered the door
    Filled with reverence and awe, my knees hit the floor
    He said no one could do it alone
    So I asked for help, and worshipped at his throne
    I confessed my sins, and I was forgiven
    And the Angel's began to rejoice and praise God in heaven
    For I once was lost, but now I'm found
    I'm no longer trapped in the wilderness, but safe and sound
    My dreams are touched by your mighty hand
    You've shown me wonders that can be done by no mortal man
    You've brought me through the darkest and hottest of all hells
    And cooled my soul with water from Jacob's Well