• chloanne 6w

    Dark thoughts

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    му ∂ємσиѕ

    Sometimes those who talk about me don't know me,
    Even the closet friends don't know about the real dark and shady me.
    It's hard to withhold the demons that always plan to escape.

    I have become friends with the monster I fear the most.
    At night I dangle my arm near the floor so I can hold hands with the monster under my bed as I Sleep.
    The monster treats me better than most of those who claim to love me.

    I have come to realize I don't live in darkness, but the darkness lives in me.
    The darkness keeps me alive, it keeps me strong.
    They always say "with the beast inside there is nowhere we can hide"
    But I never need to hide from the beast inside.

    I have simply accepted that my demons are a part of me and will remain so until a grave with me is sealed.

    My demons are my strength,
    They guide me through the darkest nights.
    I have decided to keep them inside until that one day when I burst out and say "F͛U͛C͛K͛ I͛T͛ A͛L͛L͛" and let all my demons out to play.

    A friend once told me never let your demons control you instead tame them or if you don't they will deal with you and it is gonna hurt.....