• _fableandink_ 9w

    So a realisation dawned upon me that I look at him in the way a person looks at the sky or the ocean. It's immensely beautiful and vast. You simply fall in love with the sight and after that there's no turning back. You'll always find yourself looking at it. I fell for him that badly. When I look at him, there is no one or nothing that I see. It's like looking through a blurred camera where he's the only one in focus. My eyes sparkle, my cheeks blush and there this smile on my face, which I don't remember I even had it.
    I know he doesn't feel the same way but I don't know what I expect. It's just that I keep falling for him harder and harder. No matter what I do, he's a constant thought in my mind. The thought of him away from me makes me restless yet I feel content that atleast he'll be happy. The thought of him marrying someone is devastating but yet I know it will be best for him. It's like I am having a paradoxical feelings where something that devastates me, makes me feel content as well.

    It's not that I haven't seen the way he looks at me. His brown eyes feel like a cup of hot cocoa in winter. I have felt the way he touches me.
    Despite it all, the one thing that is overwhelming is the all the paths that we chose and all that we could. We chose the ones that lead us to each other. Even if for a brief period of time, I'll always thank my stars that in the infinite possibilities of the universe, he was one of the possibility. I know that somewhere in some dimension, there's us together walking hand in hand in the sunset. ✨