• soorthi_x 5w


    Went back to their place
    Just for one more time
    Before it is gone from me
    But everything
    Came crashing down at me
    When I entered
    The once alive house
    That had all my happiness
    Stored in there
    Before I left
    For a long time of period
    And now all the memories
    Spent with my grandparents
    Is once again resurfacing
    By playing all the moments
    Right in front of me
    As if everything
    Took place yesterday
    From the time
    Where I fell off my bike
    When learning
    With my Big Papa
    To the time where
    I had a grand feast
    Done by my Big Ma
    Before my departure
    Not only those memories
    Have come back at me
    But stepping out
    At the backyard
    I saw the dusty swing
    Which held me for many years
    Giving me the smile
    Not only then
    But now too
    And once again
    Moving back into the house
    I go back to my old room
    And see the visual image
    Of me having a goofy smile
    When I secretly
    Ate a tub of ice-cream
    Before getting caught
    By my Mom
    And saved
    By my Big Ma and Dad
    And Big Pa laughing downstairs
    At all of our childishness
    And at that moment
    I realised
    This house is not going anywhere
    Till my last breath
    Since this is the place
    Which let's me be me
    Giving back my true identity
    So taking a deep breath
    I stare up at the sky
    Hoping they could
    Hear my inner voice saying
    Maybe you both are gone
    Far away from my reach
    But something
    Is still within my reach
    Which I'm going to treasure it
    Until my last breath
    And that is none other than
    Our beautiful