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    It’s so hard to sleep when your mind is traveling. #overthinking Instagram.com/thlstintrvrt

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    What makes you hardly sleep and easily awake in nighttime?

    As I lay down in bed

    I close my eyes

    It’s the time where my mind starts to overflow of

    ideas on what to write

    some memories that could make me feel the past

    a nostalgia

    an anticipation

    things I want to happen

    things I want to happen again

    things that may rarely happen

    or worst, things that may never happen

    Things that will just forever stay in solely dreams and memories

    And maybe, in an ideal world.

    I open my eyes and started to write

    But suddenly

    those words all faded away

    I feel empty

    I feel nothing

    Everything is a blank space for me at all

    I am just in the here and now

    Wondering my own existence.