• intergalacticat_ 11w

    Scared to Sleep

    Tonight I'll have nightmares
    Not because of clowns
    But thoughts in my head
    Doing the rounds

    I'm scared of feeling hope
    Incase you don't come home
    I don't even know anymore
    If you're reading this poem

    There's something else
    That you already know
    About the spiders appearing
    When things are really low

    Another giant one today
    That brings our total to three
    They're always a bad omen
    They are always haunting me

    I know it sounds mental
    But they really do only appear
    When things are not good
    And I'm already feeling fear

    Now I'm scared to sleep
    Because when I close my eyes
    I'll have night terrors
    About those things that I despise

    You aren't even here
    To tell me it's all okay
    Even though you promised
    That you would always stay

    If you just lay here with me
    Nothing needs said
    I know I would feel
    An awful lot safer in this bed

    I love you, I love you
    Oh so very much
    Please come save me
    All I need is your touch.