• iamsecretwritter 10w

    When I saw u after all these years
    My eyes started to shed tears
    I ran towards you
    Wanting to hug you
    But my feet stopped in mid-way
    Memories of past were coming in our way

    I was starting at you
    Not knowing what to do
    My brain was filled with questions
    I needed some suggestions
    My heart wanted to talk to you
    But my brain refused to

    Then our eyes met
    I began to sweat
    I could see in your eyes
    You were also suprised
    I turned around my face
    My heart was not in right place

    Without uttering any word
    You came towards me and gave me hug
    My eyes again began to shed tears
    God had listened to my prayers
    I wanted the time to stop
    "Everything will be better" was my hope

    Then I remembered
    What happened between us
    There is no trust
    So listen my Romeo
    This is why I let u go
    My eyes were filled with tears
    Cuz I loved u my dear
    I swear .......

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