• govinda_bag 11w

    I'm a teacher...

    I'm a teacher quite blunt
    don't know any stunt
    deal with my tots
    loving duty lot.
    I'm a teacher quite simple
    don't know odd sample
    chalk and duster
    know I better.
    I'm a teacher quite humble
    up them those tumble
    can't shelter false
    respect all calls.
    I'm a teacher live life austere
    know not any glamour
    buttering all words
    double standard.
    I'm a teacher totally normal
    not biased nor partial
    love all treating alike
    tolerating strikes.
    I'm a teacher students' lover
    unfold them from cover
    teach them all good
    to earn their food.
    I'm a teacher quite innocent
    knows how to bend
    show all true path
    down to earth.
    I'm a teacher poor engraver
    fill plain slates better
    know no false trick
    give good a tick
    I'm a teacher your friend forever...