• robertwjeter 5w

    I close my eyes to escape what surrounds.
    Real peace and comfort come from different dimensions.
    A faltered faith with these hands reaching out to get these feet off the ground.
    The worries and stress that overwhelm are too much to mention.

    Just to believe because there's something that's so much more than this.
    Struggling to find what is personally tangible.
    Not wanting to experience anothers bliss.
    A steady release of a freedom, unchangeable.

    I close my eyes because I can't believe the things I've seen.
    In too many ways the world makes no sense.
    Where the faces are cold, demeanors obscene.
    Then, there are those who ride the fence.

    Just to believe without adding to the madness.
    Never to listen to external judgement.
    We all have our escapes from the terrors of sadness.
    Making our way in this universe with amazing adjustments.

    * A piece that I started a while back and finished yesterday.


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    Just To Believe