• saintohams 10w

    Unforeseen war

    All were saints.
    A collective broom;
    Together earth blooms.
    But the binded rope was Judas.

    He goes around audible.
    Saying: you are part of our plan.
    But all he cares about is his brand.
    Expensively he experiments.

    Days after days, years after years.
    Through thunder and lightning the strived;
    for if you must live you must drive.
    Your life depends on it.

    Alarm bell aloud
    A wake up call to the clouds
    For no rain for grains
    And all Judas are of same genes

    We were drunk with their lies, now we sober.
    Hand what's ours over;
    For we too deserves our mothers milk.
    That which you've held for too long

    The bucket is filled, out it pours
    We've hoped and waited for nemesis, never did it avail.
    No more glory speeches and do-over
    The earth is about to experience: An angry wolf pack.