• froekensolskin 23w

    The countdown⏳

    “She said: “Honey, I know, that I am the sweetest little thing,
    But may I remind you, that I do not desire to be a side chick or a sweet fling.”
    It is obvious, that she is too much of a woman, to share you with someone else.
    She does not have it in her. Do not know if you can tell?
    So... You better make up your mind.
    Quickly, because you are running out of time.
    Quite frankly, she is getting sick and tired of this so called waiting-game.
    She knows for a fact, that someone like you could be the one, who finally makes her go insane...
    You better make it quick and snappy, if you want her heart.
    1, 2, 3... and so the countdown starts.”
    - Frøken Solskin☀️