• ifapelumi 5w


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    Hey There
    Can You Hear Me
    I Know You Can
    Even If You Act Dumb

    I Heard There Is A Life After This Life
    Which Simply Means Only A Wall Of
    Hour Glass Stands As Barricade
    Between Life And AfterLife

    The Pain Isn't Relevant If It
    Doesn't Solitudes My Spirit
    I'm Counting My Breath,
    Till The Last Number Counts
    So I Can Evolve Into The Next Life
    Where Pain Isn't A Gift Of Torture
    I Might Take A Sniper,
    But It Only A Snail Loss Of Breath

    I'm Losing Myself,
    And Shrinking Is My Pride,
    I'm Scared Of The Light
    But The Demons Scares My Night
    Where Could I Elope To
    Or Hide
    And Be Free

    I Learnt There Is A Life AfterLife
    A Home Of SelfPride
    And The Route Home Is Suicide!