• jasminep123 10w

    I can't lie

    I can't lie and say this doesn't hurt. Physically it did, a lot. At times, it still does in my lower back but mentally it hurts the worst. Seeing others with the thing you once had, the thing that caused a huge change in your life, good and bad. Seeing others celebrate something that you had to mourn. Days and days in the hospital, dreading it, but yet so many of the other odds could have been worse. At this point, I'm actually being positively grateful than negative. Got exciting news to have it taken away only a week later. Me thinking that it had to have been something I did wrong...
    It's crazy how something so tiny can cause so much pain. I can't lie, this sucks, but everything happens for a reason and it continues to be more clear everyday. I'm just grateful for my life. My health and strength, the reason why I'm able to see everyday and write about this.