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    On this face is written the tales of Asake
    Whose face is a reflection of her mother, Iya Asake's ordeal.
    Asake birthed generations.
    And it could only be a matter of time before her children start reflecting her too.
    Shall we say, this is a Reflection/Reflective legacy then?‍♂

    The canvas on which the scorching sun scribbled
    The voucher hard work left Asake
    Coupled with stiffed knees and bent back
    Her reward from tilling her own soil to feed her children
    While her oil is being exploited.

    But i saw ireti (Hope)
    Asake's long awaited friend
    Leaning on the baobab in the sudan savanna.
    Alas! She comes!

    Wipe you tears Asake
    Wipe your tears with the edge of your Aso Oke
    Let a smile straighten the wrinkles
    Cuddle your children
    Tori, Ireti de tan (Hope comes soon)

    Gabriel Boluwatife Adegboye ©2019 .....