• spammi 5w

    The Narcissist

    Feel young.
    Look better.
    But deep down it's a lie.
    You chain smoke all day and drink to sleep,
    But you look young and feel fine.
    Prey on the weak to feel strong.
    Looks like it's working now..
    Til the weak see
    Your Broken,
    Malnourished for affection.
    That you are a lie.
    Never did you feel the break,
    For you are the hammer to glass in your wake.
    By the time the meek see,
    The true you that be
    Destruction incarnate.
    A Typhoon of selfish desires and pains to the fare-er fate.
    Beware for all in this tale,
    As we describe to those who's dreams create.
    A narcissist's hate.