• __maryam__ 6w

    After I abondoned the domicile where we first met
    That magnificent locus changed into austere cave
    I started to live between the piles of doldrums
    The demons were playing with my red solid which is oozing out the caustic fluid
    My body was nothing more than the dwelling for the wizards which carry dark fantasy

    Again he came back after the downpour of melancholies
    And I was soaking in the plaintive petrichor
    My eyes could sense the aura of prodigious magic
    Every footsteps of him in the meadows of my life is gifted vivid fleck in the grey shade
    He saved me from drowning in the pool of toxic torments

    The walls of his lush loam are inscribed with care
    Every breath I take,The air exude the zephyr of benign in my parched skin
    The living paradox with sublime metaphors of perfection
    The sovereign hallmark of mankind