• shivamarora616 10w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork 15th November 2019

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    I don't know if you know but I know how it feels to be dying everyday.
    Some might say, that's pretty common issue, while there are many who are suffering,
    You can see them, and get the strength to walk again.
    Yeah, that's right, I tried it too but that's not happening.
    To see something while you wake up everyday that makes you wipe your eyes likes it's literally raining more like I say, it's pretty daunting.
    I'm not that kind of guy who wants everything but losing something that you love the most is what everything for me.
    Maybe if there would be another life, I might see it grow back, and not lose it.
    Yeah, I'm a guy who isn't strong enough because I have a heart that's melt too.
    It's just not one thing but one after another, some things that were beyond my control and some things that I could've controlled, might stopped what I can't now.
    Some things were already complicated and some I made complicated for myself.
    Nothing I have done special so that I can feel proud.
    Goodbye a part of me, I know I have to stop worry because that's even more worse than anything for now.