• gabby_ella 9w

    The soil became thick and heavy overnight
    Another one of us has taken flight
    And you , you who was once a friend of mine
    You'd laugh with me when we'd gathered to dine
    The hour has reached and nobody cry
    Your fathers and your father's fathers are calling out to you
    Yet everyone of us would like to jump the inevitable loop
    The hour has reached and nobody cry
    The angels are singing and dancing in groups
    We both would love to see the King of far far away
    You chose to go before me, drenched me of all my happiness, all my gay
    What will I tell your mother and father?
    What will I tell your brothers and sisters?
    We'd all have to go , but you'd rather left untimely
    We're dressed in black , in sadness and weary
    We're marching to pay our homage and leave you below
    If you do see the King, tell Him we said Hello
    gabby _ella