• han_vang 41w


    There she goes again.
    My dream that lets me escape
    my nightmare.

    The only one
    that makes my heart beat.
    She is all
    that I crave.

    As long as I can stay with her,
    I can go anywhere.

    Where ever she goes,
    it feels like a fantasy.
    Anywhere she goes,
    I'll follow her.

    My eyes never go astray.
    They are locked onto her.
    The only one
    that I can see.

    She is my world.

    That beautiful smile.
    Even if it
    emerges for a bit.

    Her wall is still up, but
    I can wait until
    she can open up to me.

    For now,
    let us keep making memories
    as we are.

    Let us continue,
    to draw this
    beautiful painting.

    As friends or immature love.
    The important thing is that its us.