• shristi_koiri_17 10w

    We all have our ways to speak our heart out ,and my way of speaking involves 'Pen'
    The world infront of my eyes is soo insensitive and heartless I never wanted myself to belong to this kind of world but I know I have no other options. I have a life away from this world where I live peacfully and There is someone who adds a life.
    Yes its my 'Pen'
    Wondering how isnt it? The question is worth
    Let me explain..
    My pen wrote it all when I was unable to speak my heart out because whatever you deal with what ever happens with you is not that easy to tell with a tongue.
    ' When the tongue stumbles infront of the world the pen and the pages of diary speaks louder.
    More than eight hundred of pages of my dairy is filled with emotions ,feelings, love, hate &some untold secrets, my pen makes it easier to make the universe read me.
    I was 3years old maybe
    I used to hold the pen to just play with it
    And used to draw everything around
    And make things colourful.
    I was 5years old when
    I used to hold my pen
    For writing my name on my notebooks,
    And also open the nib of the pen and play with it
    I was 10 years old
    When I used to hold the pen to educate myself to learn something when I understood the real value of 'Pen'.That a drop of ink can change the whole world & destiny of your life..
    I was 15years old
    When I used to hold the pen to write my dreams and face challenges of life ,Those dreams which I saw with opened eyes I wanted to turn them into reality.
    I was 17 years old
    When I was aware of the beauty of words and the beauty of writing inside me,I was amazed I started writing poetries about life love and many more things around I see inspired me.
    I am 18 years old now
    And believe me
    I finally realized that

    I learned to walk
    By holding my parents hand
    but my 'Pen' held my hand when my heart couldnt speak out.
    I was screaming and then my pen encouraged me to use its ink.And pen down everything thats hurting me inside .My heart my mind both agreed.And my pen knew I never wasted a drop of ink,I meaned each and every word I wrote and I write.
    Yes my 'Pen'
    Is my all time strength
    I have bonds of secrets
    My pen and diary knows them soo well.