• jahnupran 33w

    We have one too!

    Those piled up texts
    Those unanswered calls!
    Those undelivered addresses
    And the limitless scrolls!
    Slowly back and forth
    We walked by,
    Sometimes together
    And sometimes apart
    And away so far!
    I saw something
    I had never seen,
    You saw something
    You didn't either,
    All i pray now
    Is for us to be
    Curious ever after!
    The hands fit perfectly
    And the smiles matched,
    You were the missing piece,
    The one i searched for,
    Something so perfect
    I wasn't ready for!
    Never let me go dear,
    For I'm like the wind,
    I won't even complain then,
    Like a breeze i came
    And I'd disappear
    So silently far within!
    But I'll leave a mark
    Like I were the hurricane,
    Cause only for you darling,
    I was the wind
    And i was the breeze,
    Cause everyone else knew
    The storm i kept hidden.