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    $20 Parking

    I'm at that place where I know I'm loved
    And more importantly, where I love myself.

    I found that place and parked there.
    Told myself I had to stay no matter what tried to shake me,
    And I sat in my car kicking myself for the friday night $20 dollar parking and dreading my next introductions.

    I dont know if I was scared to connect to someone else for what felt like the hundredth time or scared that I couldn't make that connection anymore,

    But I walked across the street and watched you work for twenty minutes.
    I couldnt stay long, just long enough to get a glimpse of the man in his element.
    But something about that glimpse made the dollar-a-minute parking all worth it.

    Now I think I'd pay $20 bucks to see you everyday for the next two months.