• ashamurali 10w

    Table's testimony

    Three days after my wedding, when I was trying hard to adjust to the new surroundings, I heard a knock at the door.  To my great joy, it was my mother's dressing table that she sent as a surprise gift for me. There was a little note that said "only love remains" in my mom's beautiful handwriting.

    I know how precious the dressing table was for her.  My father had lovingly got it done for her, years back. Just as she would dress up in front of it, I would see him silently walking in and putting his arms around her like a garland.  His admiring looks for her were absolutely priceless.  Those days public display of affection was a strict no no.  Hugs were always hidden. I can never forget my mother's  shy smile and her nervousness to see if anyone was around.  She would pretend to get out of his hug but wouldn't move an inch.  They didnt know that a pair of puppy eyes were looking at them from behind the cupboard.   

    This is the love that has helped them to survive the numerous storms in their lives.   My father, who has dementia, cannot recognize my mother.  But her love for him remains the same, as it was on the first day she met him.

    A very warm feeling brushes against me when I stand in front of the dressing table.  I can feel my parents love for each other in each layer of wood and the nuts and bolts that holds it.. I am also convinced that problems can be part of life but with love in the heart and smile on our lips, anything can be managed.  

    There is a saying that the best gift a father can give to his kids is to love their mother.  My father gave me that precious gift by showering so much love on my mother and vice versa.   The dressing table stands witness to it. It reiterates that love is the only permanent and priceless feeling in this world.