• wingsofanangel 23w


    My mother and brother are not agreeing. I take no sides I love them. Their weaknesses and strengths are shown clearly. I wish they could agree again. When a son hurts a mother its like the worst death. I've been bearing their struggles altogether. I no longer can bare them, I'm a young girl with my own problems and I can't allowed to be stressed out. So when things get dark and gloomy I don't let it affect me, I've blocked out all that negative energy now both grown man and woman have to sort this out. She cannot lay her head at rest without making amends and he cannot make it in life if he won't fix his attitude to change his life.
    I know where they fall short: anger and jealousy got the best of them. He wanted his freedom, she needed her son. He wants a luxurious life, she wants one as well, he is trying, she is trying.
    I guess a mother just wanted her son but a son wanted his freedom. Love and boundaries knows no reason.
    If I am to be stressed out and to feel all their pain, I would probably be hanging by a rope in the ceiling of my home. I cannot take on others baggage or negativity. I want to be happy. Both of them are suffering so excruciating pain within, I don't know what to do? I cannot resolve this. Let God and the forces do what they must will.
    All this rivalry I leave it in the heaven's hands. God fix this all, leave no broken hearts. In Jesus name. Amen.