• letthepastdie 5w

    Unexpected Inspiration: Submission by Moonlight (Part 2)

    With a quick twirl we find ourselves rising. Levitating towards the sky. His grip tightens as he holds my waist as if it were his property, and yet gentle enough to let me know I am safe.
    This was the nightly ritual for us. This was what I waited for every night. This is what I wanted my life to be about. Alas, we do not all get that opportunity to make that want become reality permanently. And for a brief moment that night closed in around us, suspending us as we held each other tight while gliding together as if the sky were made of ice. But being loved by night itself. To be favored by a temporary state of time, there is always a harsh return to my reality.
    Our feet make delicate contact with the grassy forest floor. Before I could udder a word, his hand was around my wrist. Although my feet were not touching the ground, the unexplainable speed at which we were moving made it all feel more like flying. And it didn't take long for the night sky to begin it's daily transformation. And then I was home, and had somehow materialized under the covers in my own bed.
    Exhaustion begins to set in quickly. And just like every single night since our first meeting, he placed a gentle kiss upon my forehead, willing me to fall into a pleasant sleep.
    This is the cycle of my life. My soul. My physical self. The part of me that felt love. The part of me that was so thankful to find that love had been returned. And right before his presence had slipped me in to sleep, I whispered his two most treasured words. "I'm yours."