• payaljangid 5w

    I just don't understand how come people have super powers to hurt you without even uttering anything. Throughout my life until today I believed I have a limited number of person who really matter and that those few would never leave me alone, as they know I don't have a big bunch of friends. But you never know how even a single person can just throw you out of their life just like you never existed .Moreover they by their ignorance and such kind of behavior believe that they are right at what they are doing. Those asses can never realize what pain do they give to others with the change they carry. Yet,consoling their heart that they are hurt and don't wanna hurt people.

    How can you be soo foolish? Or the other way, soo selfish? You think your distance will make things okay but don't take notice of what your persons are going through. I just don't know how to handle such idiots. Though the closest ones!!!