• _mubashir 5w

    hello everyone hope you all are happy peace and smiling so i have a choootu sa request please remeber me in your prayer i am fighting with all my courage and potential, its so much paining may be if i ll lost the battle with life someday or insha allah i ll win the battle, but i promise i ll give my best like a warrior.
    i am thankful to my doctors for motivating me towards life, if i ll ever hurted any of you i am so sorry i apologize from my soul, hope you all forgive me
    Life is really beautiful with lots of ups and down,
    and it is a journey with many flaws and hard to soft path, i always wanted to be the reason behind million of smile but somehow somewhere as human we all do mistakes but i apologize and it was my dream to be the reason behind million of dream, hope everything ll be best someday, hope if i cant make it happen then someone else can make it happen, i am so thanful to my parents my family and my friends and everyone who supported me always love you for incouranging me to fight against problems of life, thankyou for motivating me i always ask forgiveness if i ever ever hurted any of you, i learnt lots of lessons in the books of life. if i ll leave this world then any of you have any of my picture then please do one thing delete that i ll always be thankful to you.
    we all should always understand that we are human we do mistakes we should know the art of forgiveness and those who forgive are the strongest and lovely infront of almighty.
    i also want to live and see the world more if i ll win i ll surely love to do something amazing for my nation and for the world. i love all of you
    remeber me in your prayer for my health��✌dher shukriya dher duaen

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    kabi jo mai maut ke aagosh me aajaun,
    khabar sun kar meri khataen maaf kar dena,
    mera irada dil ko dukhane ka kabhi nahi tha,
    mere khilaaf dil ko saaf kar lena,
    jo yaad aajaun mujhse apni nafraton ko paak kar lena,
    mohabbat se na to na sahi muskura kar hi dua-e-magfirat ki darkhwast kar dena.