• chadorw 6w

    Just Bloom~

    This world may seem bad or it may seem too good for you to dwell in but darling, there is no other place you can take root. ‘Cause remember, this is the very place you smiled your first joy,
    This is the very place you cried your first pain
    And both your smile and tears have dropped down on this same earth where you stand with your uncertain breath.
    Move a little further away from that marshy spot of delusion. Maybe, while you are on the move, move away from the dry land of hate too. And add the ocean of all that has grown thorns and splinters to puncture your secret hidden in the folded blankets of your tiny heart.
    Then, feel those tiny seeds of hope sprouting from the tip of your toes and spread out like a full grown tree. Face up, to the sky, where many answers lay buried and allow your eyes to bloom the wildest and the most fragrant flower of life~