• sweetlittlebirdie 10w

    Dear Annie,

    You have always been there
    From as long as I can remember
    But you have held me back
    From this world so full of splendor
    You tell me that I'm worthless
    That I'm nothing at all
    And I know that it's because of you
    That I'm scared to wander into the white rabbit's hole
    For Alice unknowingly would take the leap
    But you make me hesitate
    And now I fear you are gripping my pen
    My one and only ever escape
    It's not that I've lost my words
    Or that it's writers block
    But hearing your voice Annie
    Constantly telling me to stop
    You tell me no one will ever understand
    So in the drafts for another day
    And when I do decide to go against you
    I'm fighting the urge to not delete right away
    Making me doubt myself again
    Telling me that I don't know
    But I know now what I must do
    Annie I am so sorry but I need to let you go
    For I may be scared of the unknown
    And what's beyond the sea
    But if I don't ever take the leap
    You will forever keep me from being free
    So Annie I am turning the key
    And going beyond the door
    You can try convince me otherwise
    But I will not listen anymore
    As it's alright to be unsure
    For I know I'll be ok
    So Annie I must say goodbye
    It's time we part our ways
    For you have always been those whispers of doubt
    The voice of my anxiety
    Stopping me from following Alice
    Into this world of unknown curiosities


    Words "so full of splendor" quoted from the series "West World".
    Image credited to the respective owner.

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    Dear Annie