• lrthompson 10w

    Move On

    As the weight of the world
    Pushes me down
    You are no longer here
    When I needed you there
    You just walked out
    Then moved on
    Guess you never known
    What it meant to hold on
    To somebody you love
    To somebody you trust
    Theres just never enough
    Of these memories of us
    To hold up these walls
    That are crushing my heart
    Now it's time to move on
    Time to stay strong
    As i leave you forever
    Yes, it's now or never
    To forget all your lies
    Then tear up your letters
    Of words never meant
    And the time that we spent
    Writing all these lines
    Wasting all our time
    As its never enough
    We just lost touch
    So now I'm writing alone
    Down a new road
    Singing this song
    It's time to move on.