• dusty__modern 51w

    Happily friendzoned

    Why him , agrima ? Why him ?
    That the question which struck me evert night whenever i viewed his profile picture before going to sleep .
    And honestly , That was the question almost 10 times harder than my chemistry paper. And just like it, i could never figure out the answer . or maybe i never wanted to .
    He was a performer , free-spirited ,full of life , and where i preferred spending my days watching netflix , reading books he became a major in taking risks ,breaking ♡ ,
    But no matter how low our compatability score was ; i fell for him .
    fell for him in a way like i read poems ,
    slowly , absorbing every word ,
    His love melting my stone heart,
    seeping into my veins ,
    hey look , i am flying freely in his cage .
    His eyes , oh those eyes ,
    Eyes that first stole all my words away .and then turned me into a storyteller
    But you guys must be thinking , that why i am telling you guys everything ?
    Because these are not just my words,
    Its not just my open letter .
    it is about those rainbow of emotions that go arises in every girls heart whenever she looks up to her crush . But , lately i realized something ; while i was trying to chase him , telling him about all the love i have for him in my heart ; the way how i was far better than his girlfriend, or how we are not meant to be just friends .
    wishing every single day that he finally embrace me in his arms and whisper those words .