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    Chrissie's Daily Devotional
    Day 1

    God knows and loves you!

    Psalm 139 vs 1. LORD, you have examined me and you know me. Good News Translation

    The world would have you thinking you are not good enough, or you don't look the part. This is just the way the world is, the ways of the world, superficial not deep. They just state what their standards are, and if your not a super model size or soot up to that, one gets criticized, that's it...criticism. They don't want to know the real you, The world, it's ways and system is in it's fallen, sinking, drowning, ship weak state, it's all about looks, personal appearance. What looks good, fake,and false this, and that, no truth in it, void of authenticity, meaning. However within you is the inner beauty, not merely your adornments, yes making up, dressing good, looking good, makes you look good, enhances your beauty, but what is the state of YOU, your mind and heart, what is the state of within? Is it like white washed tombs, or balanced and stable? is it self assured, God assured or down, sad, and feels low about your self? Well what ever state you are in, whatever condition.

    God loves you, he cares for YOU, HE made YOU, Father God receives you.
    YOU have a God who is more concerned with YOU. The real you, rather then the superficial you. He looks at your heart, the inner you. You are more then your exterior, adornments. God is interested in the real you, your inner self. The state of you from within.

    God knows you, and loves you.

    Do you know God cares for you?
    Do you know God loves YOU?
    Do you know you are special and valuable to God?
    Do you know you are Gods own, you valuable, and a child of God?

    Well if you don't know, now you know.

    Start today living from that real part of YOU, don't let the world influence you to be something your not, be yourself, and be free, yolo on this earth. YOU masa live your life being yourself, as a pose to fake. Fake is exhausting, real is edifying. Decide to live by Godly knowledge that stays the same, and don't fluctuate, it makes YOU a steady, and better person, character.

    Today read your Holy Bible, read about who you are, are in Christ. Who you belong too, and read about Gods sincere, and genuine love for you, and build yourself esteem based on that. Not on what the world says. Sand vs rock. You are fearfully, and wonderfully made by God, I am sure the world did not tell you that, lol. They wouldn't because they want to control you, keep you trapped, and conformed. Instead dear child of God, build yourself esteem on that what God says, build it on the solid rock, where it can not be shaken. It's stable, as a pose to sand, worldly ways. The world don't know you, to be dictating to you, how to look, be or dress. Yes they are entitled to their own opinion, but you do not have to go with it. You have Godly standards, and options, which are far better then the worlds. Live from within out, the true you, authentic living.

    God cares for you, he takes the time to get to know you, you should too.

    Remember: God knows you, and loves the authentic you.
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