• _sanjh 23w

    He loved her,
    More than his own lungs,
    But she was not exactly in love,
    Coz She was not sure...
    She pretended to love him,
    Coz She couldn't see him heart broken,
    Well she was unaware,
    That this broke him even more....
    The biggest gift for a lover
    Is not a couple pendent,
    Or a lovable night...
    It is just equal return
    Of love, of care,
    And a fearless sight...
    Trust is the element
    That matters more than love...
    Coz love without trust
    Is even unworthier than lust...
    Its true that some people trust easily
    And some people do not...
    But don't judge that
    Coz time period in love
    Matters not...
    Yes she was now sure she did not love him
    But that trust and faith
    Made her realize she cant live without him
    Well it was just she realized late
    Feelings never betray a lover
    If he's true