• jeyram 6w

    To My Lovable Brother

    It always used to be lazy mornings
    The sunlight would enter into his room
    Only after seeing him pandiculate.
    The espresso made for him would remain warm till his lover sip it.
    The scoldings from mom and dad to wake him up would be a great lullabies
    Which would make him snooze even more comfortable.
    The birds on the windowsill would gather around happily to taste his skipped pelted breakfast.
    The nook and corners of the rooms would feel blessed on echoing his laughter.
    The imperfect timings would run behind him perfectly.
    The house had been a paradise when his presence was there.
    Now, the clock is dead,
    The sunlight dims and unwilling
    to visit the room
    There is no aroma in the espresso
    The nooks and corners 've become dumb
    As they can't echo.
    The birds chirp skelter_ helter
    As they are worried about your absence.
    Everything is messed here, chewing the
    Memories spent with you.
    Love you my adorable brother.