• manshi59 10w

    Deeper than thoughts...

    Deeper than the age that love was. The cute little boy, with tons of excitement in his stomach, millions times blinked his eyes, tried not to look at her, hiding his blush in the big wide smile.
    Both returning home from tutions, paddling their bicycles, a little distance between the two bicycles was a mesmerising scene.
    She, the tiny girl with two pig tails, talking continuously and he, listening, blushing, sighing cause' after a long time he got a chance to be with her. Everything was in slow motion, her lips moving, windn blowing, slowly slowly. His happiness crossed all the limits today.
    All at once her friend popped up from behind, his happiness faded away cause' her friend and she talked endless talks & so he had to replace himself from her friend who came running from behind to ask for lift from her. He was upset his chubby cheeks were sad.
    He stopped his bicycle and looked back but she was busy in talking with her friend. He turned his tiny head almost 10 times to look at her but she didn't notice. I was staring at this cute, tiny kid in love from my terrace. He noticed me and so moved away from there.
    There were two turnings left was his and right was her. The innocent boy turned left and hid himself from me and was still waiting for her. He peeped from behind the wall, she started coming, he got super excited and couldn't understand how to react.
    He sat down and pretended as if he was setting the chain of his bicycle. She saw him, "you are still here, bubyeezzz, see you tomorrow" she said with a pretty, cute, little smile. His happiness was in the air, I could feel it.
    As she turned right he sat on his bicycle and drove like a drunken driver. I felt as af this song, "kaise hua? kaise hua? tu Itna Jaruri kaise hua?" was echoing in the background. Today I witnessed a short yet cute love story which was deeper than their age♥

    - Priya...

    Manshi59 ♥️