• rebeccawatson 24w

    what's left

    Like chunks of flesh,
    Ripped from my body.
    Parts of me torn from existence.
    Like what makes up me,
    Is far too much.
    Don't do this.
    Don't do that.
    You shouldn't say that.
    No curves left.
    Just a skeleton of the body,
    You dismembered with your voice.
    The jagged bones take the place,
    Of my soft pale skin.
    I wonder if you picked apart the last woman you loved.
    Or if it's just me.
    You spend your days pulling off what you do not like,
    Hoping that what lies within the remains,
    Is the woman you dreamed of.
    Yet, I stand here bare, bleeding,
    Your anger, your words.
    I do not run, I do not walk away.
    I say with a heavy defeated heart, "I am sorry."
    "I will try harder."