• ytebird 5w

    How often do you check up on the men in your life without waiting for them to do so first? They also feel and hurt. They have bad days too. They also need someone to care enough to know how they are doing.

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    Push him
    He will fall
    But he'll rise
    Maybe with wounds
    Maybe without wounds
    But he's a man
    He'll be fine

    Hurt him
    He doesn't feel
    All in his mind is fun and money
    He'll not notice even
    Or maybe he will
    But he's a man
    He'll be fine

    Talk to him
    But oh he likes silence
    That's how he communicates
    Why doesn't he smile?
    That is his nature
    Is he living?
    I wouldn't know, he is a man
    I'm sure he's fine.