• sakshi_bharti 5w


    "But Babe I've a Sister too,you can trust me".
    Okay but I don't think this is right time.
    "Nothing is Right or wrong ,when you love someone and they want to see you whole"
    But you are so far away,why this will even matter.
    "Babe,distance means nothing,also it can bring us closer than before, C'MON"
    I love you right.
    "I know but how much do I need to wait"
    Okay okay please don't spoil your mood.
    (I wish you could said the I love you too thing before)
    "Babe,all my friends are doing this that,I am just asking for little".
    You don't need to,,when the right time come we can do everything,where m I even going, I am all yours.
    ( I am still there but you are gone now).
    "Hey,I am coming to your city"
    Wow! That's great but make sure you are well because you had some health problem related to breathing".
    (You were so quick after THAT virtual contact).
    So here is your location,as you came alone I must accompany you right,I am staying with you,let's walk on those half wet roads,the beautiful weather as if they are welcoming you with me to my city,I smiled the whole way when I was going to pick you,my jaws were literally paining because of smiling that much,I left the exam Hall Earlier just after attempting Passing marks in exam with my dearest friends. I came to pick you up
    Now,We were walking on the road,on the way to any place to stay,you get your shoe laces open,you had your luggage,so you were mine I didn't hesitate for a second to Tie up them for you. I bend down to tie them ,of course I loved you right,you were not people for me,you were someone who was supposed to have all happiness,you were my partner love.
    (I so wanted to be held with hand,you didn't)
    Well,Take this flower I brought for you,Can I hug you?
    "No,it's a public place"
    So what nobody is minding and it's just a hug anyways leave it keep this flower love :)
    "Keep this inside your bag, I'll get it back later"
    (But you didn't,as you never cared about those)
    Check-in to the safe and suitable hotel,you are new to this city and I barely know any address about this city except my place here.