• subhadisha 5w


    Whenever i see you,
    as a lady having all the grace, charisma which a lady should have,
    I find myself jealous of you
    Because I've left all those dressings, blessings, and emblazonments Which was once my favourite parts.

    It doesn't matter which subject you pick, or in Which direction you move,
    i always find you as the best option anyone could ever choose.

    Thinking of you,
    reminds me my past injuries,
    And makes me jealous ;
    because you possess everything which was once my dreams and prayers.

    I find myself jealous, depressed and as well as inferior
    whenever i see you being cheered by all my co-worker and senior.

    And it's true that i confess that
    i am being jealous of you,
    That though all those worst times you're moving through,
    you haven't changed ,
    haven't failed
    haven't stopped
    And you haven't regretted
    for being what truly are you......

    In my eyes you're a super woman
    A milestone ,i never could overcome,
    And Your isotype i could never become
    That's because I have accepted my definitions and my identity,
    And now I'm feeling delighted by announcing my stupidity.....