• i_am_inspiration 10w


    Can't stop thinking of those days not long ago,
    When we play and laugh like the day will never end,
    Brothers that's what we are,
    Or that's what I think of us.
    Often times I asked myself why friendships end.
    Does that means that tie broke?
    Someone so close becomes stranger,
    Looking at you like you were never close,
    And at times just wave you off with a goodbye.
    Or was I the one lacking in the friendship,
    Could it be that I was wrong all along,
    Maybe I wasn't that friend to you as you were to me all along.
    I thought I was loyal, I know I was true.
    But it's all gone and there's nothing I can do.
    Loosing this friendship is a very sad thing,
    The angels weep instead of sing,
    How friends turn strangers.