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    Blue tastes like the bittersweet, more on the sweeter side, lemonade that you savoured on a dry, humid summer afternoon. Hastily at first, but then slowing down with each sip, hoping to relish every bit of the soothing potion.
    The way it dances on your tastebuds and makes its way to your eyes, closing them in ecstasy, is all you need to feel a little more close to the winds.

    Red tastes like the hot ginger tea, one that feels like home, warming your heart on a freezing wintery morning. The soft piquancy awakening your nerves, making you long for something you never felt.
    As you sit by your verandah, taking in the mist of metaphors, you softly press the lukewarm part of the porcelain cup to your chapped lips and the momentary bliss that follows, stays in your heart forever.

    Green tastes like limca, calming and nostalgic. A dribble of poetry for the parched souls and a whiff of memories for the forlorn ones. How it alleviates melancholy, is still a question for many.
    One sip of the magical concoction and you're floating across the ocean; of universe.

    Lilac tastes like the chocolate chip ice cream that makes you a kid once again, for it doesn't need a weather as an excuse to be enjoyed. (Some people rashly eat all the chips right away and then whine about not being satisfied in the end, I don't trust them.) With every bite of the sinful goodness, you feel a little more close to heaven.
    The coldness and the sweetness blend perfectly to create a masterpiece, called love.


    This is inspired from a prompt on pinterest which asked to describe what blue would taste like.

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    // Much more than mere colours, they're verses of unsaid poetries.//