• harpreetism 31w

    Holding her

    I caught her as she fell, graceful as a dew drop from its leaf. I held her, the angel who lost faith, the star shaken from the firmament. Her glow dimming, light fading from diamond eyes. I kept her close to my chest, begging her to feel the warmth of humanity in my embrace, pleading she’d hear the thrumming beat of promise in my heart, for there is still goodness in this land of monsters and shattered souls. She still has thunders, earthquakes and tsunamies in her heart, and i am strong enough to handle all. She still has doubts in her heart, due to previous heartbreaks, and I believe in the depth of love in her heart. I have patience to see her bloom again. And with each moment passing I want to hold her tighter in my arms.
    Harpreet Singh