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    We flooded here,
    We crying,
    Flooded in tears,
    In emotions,
    Little in rain too,
    Not in usual way.

    Copyright ~ z a f a r.

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    Fathom of masked home,
    Little fast, but too slow.

    Droplets had the resizable potential of drenching,
    They borrowed some heat from me,
    And never turned to return it back.

    I am your child,
    Now I am crying,
    Come back and leave me in your arms.
    Leave me in heaven.
    Forgive me, for my good behavior.

    I see you warm and joyous in other's hands,
    and you know how jealous but happy and jealous again I am!

    This is a big heart,
    Crawling due to thirst,
    This is a small brain,
    Guessing water in desert.