• prodigalsun 10w

    H. O. P. E.

    And there it was again
    Twittering and flickering
    Shimmering in the dark
    Like electrolytes flowing through a solution
    Seeing it warms his heart
    For in despair had he been wallowing
    Flailing and wandering about
    Like a sailor lost at sea
    For he had believed in his heart
    That there's nothing good for him anymore
    All he had and was had long been forgotten
    And he's convinced himself the world is unforgiving
    But the spark awakens something in him
    A sense of awareness
    A hunger for curiosity
    A glimmer of light in an otherwise dark world
    Alas he now knows in his being
    There's a light at the end of the tunnel
    For he has found hope again...!