• piecebypiece 10w


    Underneath that mask,
    Who are you?

    Are you those songs, my lips have sung before
    in my dark days?
    Are you those hands, places my soul has touched before
    Craving for the same?
    Are you those faint whispers
    Unclear, uncertain but full of hope, your calm
    stare, is that the same den
    I went to hide into as a child
    Is that the same embrace the soft bed that
    I buried my head into and cried
    Is that voice you?
    Or is it me?

    Because I remember, once I did mistake it for me

    So, can you tell me?
    What are you underneath this mask?

    Are you the old songs that I'm no longer in touch with
    Are you the stale verses that no longer beat my heart
    Are you a pause
    Are you reminder of death
    Are you different now
    Or are you still the same?

    Are you here for that old me stuck in
    I'm looking for her too
    And if you find her first
    Can you tell her my name?