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    Nature & Man are complementary to each other

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    during the times of spring
    in the heaven, god desired something
    soon god sent an angel
    to study humans from every angle
    task of calculating human achievement
    proceeding with special treatment
    for information of human lifespan
    angel directly asked a man
    "what is human achievement?"
    winds were filled with excitement
    man answered with confidence
    explained 'past' & 'Present' difference
    development, science, innovation
    are the roots of Nation
    space research, smart devices, internet
    television, lap top & headset
    achievement of urbanization
    enhancement of every location
    after analysing every thing
    angel returned as a king
    with information of everyone
    angel reported with outcome
    god was not satisfied
    the report was kept aside
    god sent him back
    for satisfactory feedback
    now angel met nature
    interacted with every creature
    conducted special enquiry
    angel asked to a tree
    what are human achievements?
    willing to fulfill requirements
    flora & fauna live interaction
    for the ultimate satisfaction
    hope to move forward
    trees & animals answered
    pollution, terrorism, anger
    reason behind every disaster
    skills are misused by man
    towards degradation of lifespan
    innovation is not achievement
    important are conduct & management
    Results are actual achievement
    proper utilization is important
    dangerous side effects & remains
    proceeding for selfish gains
    angle reported with result
    after fruitful & final conduct
    again god was not satisfied
    the report was kept aside
    god compared both feedbacks
    god understood the impacts
    after a progressive conduct
    god prepared a final result
    for Friendship, development & defence
    humans are gifted with sense
    impactful conduct by man
    can gift him fruitful lifespan
    special ability of imagination
    is for a united foundation
    humans are guard of nature
    friend of every creature
    for progressive timespan
    nature is life source of man
    no breed is unknown
    we are natives of same zone
    after the struggle & Plan
    achievement of the man
    is achievement of nature
    earth is for every creature