• _miso_ 6w

    Flowers remind me
    of all I ever cherished
    Love in all known forms
    one could imagine...
    Like a sky filled with
    colours orange, crimson,
    pink, every tint, every hue
    perfectly blended against
    the sky of blue...

    I remember hiding those
    I love inside while time
    Knocked at my door and
    I refuged to give them away
    But when you try to keep
    Things you never own,
    they go away all by themselves
    like fragrance spilling in the air...

    A flower never blooms to
    stay as bright as always
    cause a day comes when
    petals dry and life squeeze
    out to where it then belong
    a place where life can reborn
    Like leaves falling down a tree
    one by one they all leave
    and sorrow crawled in...
    But is it fair that what
    gives you joy can also
    jolt out every last shred
    of it once its gone away...

    If it ever had occurred
    to me that pain would stay longer
    than all the time my heart was
    filled with love, would then
    I still hold them close in
    the first place?
    Maybe yes, a willing yes,
    cause a little love lived
    is still worth keep hurting
    for its loss, beauty of its touch...
    With sky slightly grey,
    I tried to find
    Streaks of red
    left in the dusk
    which had already plunged
    into time's horizon...

    Then withering began
    As memories dwindled
    There seemed no reason
    to wish for sense of life
    so I prayed for feeling numb.
    I surrendered to the sky of oblivion
    as I set all my yearnings on ground...

    Numbness is sweetest when
    it comes along with peace
    The void in me finally merged
    into the void of everything
    My life faded away like a flickering
    candle flame flaunting its last gleam,
    a withered life gone somewhere to
    reborn so that once more it could
    Feel again...

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    Sky of oblivion