• archiesaxena 6w

    An old letter

    One day suddenly, the door of the memories opened,
    I found an old letter,
    Yes! another letter, which I had no idea when did I write
    But, the words were enough to remind,
    Remind, the long-forgotten story,
    The story of us.
    A swarm of bees hovered inside my mind,
    I wondered how happy I used to be even on the tiniest clue from your side.
    Your voice was enough to chase my blues away and bring my happiest smile,
    Crap! Something, I still pine.
    Home used to be my happy place until one day you cracked the window of my heart,
    By all means, you got yourself registered there permanently, like a home away from home, happily.
    Oh yes! That's true, I still keep turning and returning to that secret place inside.
    Years later now when the box of memories opened,
    A storm of nostalgia hit my face hard and took my breath away,
    Flabbergasted, I stood there thinking of the times we couldn't stop thinking about each other,
    And laughing at the times, we don't think about each other a bit!
    I pondered how life reveals everything:
    Every promise is a myth; every word turns inutile,
    Oh! Time, the time my dear friend, heals everything is just a little white lie,
    It might heal, but the scars that it leaves is a fact unscrutinized.
    I sat down there on the bed, in front of the mirror,
    I had no other option but to smile and cheer,
    The swarm of bees disappeared,
    The story of us no more belongs to us,
    It's just there inside my head.
    So, I found an old letter,
    But, I tore it in fear,
    The fear of not finding it again,
    And I sat there in a smile with tears.