• iwanttoexploremyself 6w


    All my life I've looked at words as though
    I have no ties with them.
    Language,words, are told to be the spirit of the civilization.
    Am I not civilized then.
    I think, I feel, I understand.
    I speak too.
    Do I speak myself?
    No, I dont.
    But why?

    I use words to keep my life going.
    To ask for food.
    To ask for permission.
    To communicate .
    Always felt that words are not apt to express my emotions
    Because I feel them so intensely.
    People dont understand me.
    They say I over react, over think, when i express myself.
    I dont do it intentionally.
    That's how I am.
    I see better than they do,
    Is it my fault?
    I dont know.
    I dont want to know but the thread between me and words has severed.