• whitequeen 5w

    Suddenly she felt this pain all over her body as if it was taking over her, a light sigh escaped her lips as she sat down on her knees but numbness was all, she could feel, her nose, bleeding and her head felt heavy. Jungkook had woken up by the sound of something falling on the ground, it took him sometime to acknowledge that the girl he had saved yesterday was in trouble again. "Aahh! I forgot to tell her that the doctor had advised her to not move much, she's such a nuisance though! " he thought and she helped her stand up on her feet again,he knew by her bleeding nose that her blood pressure had shot up again, he quickly passed her the medicine and provided her with some tissues to wipe her nose, she was back on her bed and Jungkook had his fierce gaze fixed on her. "Hey where are your parents? Do you live alone? Why are you such a trouble?? Are you sick? " he inquired.